Made to take you anywhere

We make sustainable backpacks and accessories for everyday adventure – treading lightly as we go.
Lake District, UK.


Free Foundations

Two travellers inspired by the open road, we founded Millican to defy convention, building connection with every step.

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Our Home

We work from a farm at the Foot of Skiddaw in the English Lake District National Park, guided by the irresistible movement of the seasons.

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The Spark

Millican Dalton was a maverick spirit, defined by fierce independence. We admire his refusal to take worn paths and commitment to simple living.

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Travellers, not Tourists

We are always ready to learn, forever curious and sensitive to a changing world. We challenge ourselves and expectation by doing transparent business, making sustainable decisions for planet and people, reducing our impact wherever possible.


Life means life

We build products for a lifetime of conscious adventure but despite our rigorous quality checks, defects may happen. We’re on your side, welcome to Care & Repair.


Repair Guide

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Care Guide

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Our Community

Millican grows with a network of human relationships, people who believe in great quality, practical and sustainable products made with pride. Our stance on ethics, fair trading and humanitarian practices is uncompromising. We work globally local, finding the right partners nationally and overseas.

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Our Materials

We commit to never resting on our journey towards sustainability. We blend heritage materials with modern technology, bringing unique benefits.

Our Tribe

Rare and true pioneers. Maverick spirits unafraid to walk their own line. Our ambassadors are people who make us feel anything is possible… welcome to our tribe.

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