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Our Community Meet The Makers

There are many ingredients involved in making a great quality, sustainable bag – but the most important is the people we work with. It’s only because of our suppliers that we can continue building practical and ethical products that last a lifetime. This is where we give thanks to everyone who makes Millican possible.

When we started out, we had the choice between keeping it local or working with national or even overseas suppliers. Instead of an either/or approach, we decided that the only way to build a sustainable brand from the ground up was to partner with people who share the same attitude as us – regardless of their location.

This means being totally uncompromising in our search for likeminded companies who are great at what they do and also that care about things like ethics, fair trade, environmental and humanitarian interests. Once we find them, we tend to work with them for a long time to come.

Today we collaborate with a select handful of specialists. Some are nearby, others are in beautiful far flung corners of the world, but they all have one thing in common: they support us in our goal to be a sustainable, socially-responsible brand making bags that inspire a more conscious way of living.

Thank you.

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