Travel A Pause Along The Way
- Jim Marsden

Travel | A Pause Along The Way</br>- Jim Marsden
The American novelist Ursula K. Le Guin wrote 'It is good to have an end to journey towards; but it is the journey that matters, in the end'. A cliche...
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Millican HQ Blank Canvas Project
- University of Cumbria

Millican HQ | Blank Canvas Project</br>- University of Cumbria
Last year, Millican Creative Director, Jeffrey Bowman and Graphic Designer, Rebecca Slack, arrived at the University of Cumbria to introduce their 3rd Year Design students to our Blank Canvas project....
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Product Review Navigate Your Bag
Fraser the Rucksack 15L

Product Review | Navigate Your Bag</br>Fraser the Rucksack 15L
By train, bus and underground, urban explorer, Fraser the Rucksack 15L, journeyed with award-winning new designer, Hazel Mason, through the bustling streets of London during her set-up and final exhibition at...
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Traveller Series Off the Beaten Track
- Bali with Jake Baggaley

Traveller Series |  Off the Beaten Track</br>- Bali with Jake Baggaley
After an 11 hour stop over in Qatar on the way out, which we had spent exploring the deserted Souks and trying to understand how anyone could live in a...
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Millican Weekends Refresh
- Wales with Tom Allport

Millican Weekends | Refresh</br>- Wales with Tom Allport
Millican Weekends are a series of stories that celebrate the people making big adventures out of small pockets of time. "This trip was just a quick, refreshing break from everything....
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