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The story of two adventurers
Jorrit & Nicky, Co-founders of Millican

It was the early 90s. We crossed paths one day on the border of Ecuador and Peru, in the small town of Vilcabamba. From this chance encounter, we ended up travelling together for the next two years. We passed through incredible places and met incredible people. Then, one day, the time came for us to reluctantly hang up our packs and return to the UK.

It wasn’t long before we slipped into regular life. Jobs, family, a house and a routine out in the suburbs. But there was always a flicker of light, an ember that never quite went out. Then one story changed our lives for good. The true story of Millican Dalton, a maverick from the 1900s who swapped his existence in London for an extraordinary life of adventure in the mountains of the Lake District.

From then on, we were hooked once again. He inspired us to follow our own path and to help others take the same leaps of faith. Taken in by Millican’s independent and maverick nature, we realised that our old lives were not the ones for us. So we packed our bags and followed in his footsteps to the solitude of the Lake District, to a small community we now call home.

In our search for a place in this world, we found something that we were good at. The one thing that captures the spirit of meaningful travel perhaps more than anything else. We started making sustainable bags. Bags that help others leave the clutter of life behind and strike out on their own.

In homage to Millican Dalton, who was known to make his own clothing and rucksacks, we decided to name our company after him. His teachings still influence our decisions today.

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