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Our MaterialsRecycled

Recycled Polyester

Recycled polyester is clever stuff. It’s made from recycled PET material (which is a polyethylene terephthalate, raw petroleum-based material to those in the know). It’s widely used in plastic bottles and other food packaging all over the world.

Using recycled polyester, rather than virgin polyester, cuts energy by 50%, saves 20% on water and reduces air pollution by 60%.

Bottle Facts

PET is the most popular plastic in the world. Less than 5% of plastics produced are recycled. 1.5 Billion tonnes of PET are used for water bottles every year, which takes 18 million barrels of oil and 1,300 billion gallons of water to make.

Every 1kg of RPET fabric (made with 100% post-consumer waste) keeps 60 water bottles out of landfill. You can tell if a product contains PET because it will have the international triangle loop symbol with the number 1 inside.

Lining fabric facts

The lining for all of our products is made from 100% recycled polyester. It’s a 150D plain weave with a PU1000mm waterproof back coating. We use post-consumer PET bottles, which means the fabric has a 75% lower carbon footprint than virgin polyester.

We’ve partnered with renowned Taiwanese textiles specialist HOYU, whose CYCLEPET fabrics are manufactured using an eco-friendly process that complies with Bluesign system standards. HOYU have also been awarded GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certification for their CYCLEPET collection and continue to innovate by developing other high quality RPET fabrics.

Bionic® Canvas Facts

Our Maverick Collection was built around our unique Bionic® Canvas, developed exclusively with our partner Return Textiles.

33% of the recycled plastic inside their HLX yarn is recovered from shorelines, waterways and coastal communities.

Most of these plastics have been exposed to the elements, so the grade is not as suitable for recycling. Using specialist techniques, Bionic® revitalises these materials and combines them with 67% higher-grade recycled PET that is recovered through conventional waste management systems.

RPET makes up 65% of our warp yarn (the vertical weave) and 33% of the yarn on the weft (the horizontal weave).

Blank Canvas Facts

We use 100% recycled polyester for the outer fabric in our Blank Canvas projects.

Also developed by our partner HOYU, this is a 1000D Rose Canvas weave with a PU1000mm waterproof back coating. We make this from post-consumer PET bottles, weaving the RPET yarn into a strong canvas that achieves 2000+ Newtons in strength testing. We then brush the fabric to give it more of a cotton-like feel.

Our Blank Canvas design effectively recycles 40 PET bottles for each bag in the collection.

Colour Disclaimer:
The natural fibres used in our bags and accessories absorb the dye differently from batch to batch, which can create slight colour variations on the product. We do all we can to match the previous season’s colour exactly, yet minor variation may occur.