Wash Bags

The place for your everyday travel wash bag basics, Miles and Core The Wash Bags are the accessories for the job. When you look at the canvas wash bag from the outside, it’s simple, clean and formed of 100% recycled polyester outer fabric. Inside it’s lined with a 100% recycled polyester lining, easily wiped down. The large wash bag provides all the space you need for every trip. Extremely hard-wearing and simple in form. There are external loops so you can hang them up too.

It doesn’t matter what you throw in them, they hold their own as more than just a travel wash bag, storing bits and pieces, from art brushes and paints to wires and cables too. These utility bags work as men’s wash bag or a wash bag for ladies too, it’s a functional bag that gets the job done – perfect for weekend adventures or longer escapes.

Core Collection | The Core Wash Bag (Sunset) available from Millican