Care & Repair

Designed to give wearers the best of both urban and hiking in one, we make products and promises that are built to last a lifetime – and be loved forever. Featuring a range of internal organisation pockets, as well as multi-purpose features on the outside, our bags are designed to challenge the need to buy multiple bags for different occasions. Instead, we help you to make the responsible choice with one Millican bag that can accommodate to all your needs and desires. On top of this, our bags and accessories are made using post-consumer waste materials to offer less impact to the planet.

We understand that from time to time, your Millican bag can get dirty from all the journeys and adventures you take them on. With that in mind, here’s our advice on how to care for your sustainable backpack and accessories.

Machine washing can lead to wear and tear, which is why we recommend hand washing instead. To tackle the removal of mud and dirt, we recommend waiting until your bag is completely dry and brushing the dirt off using a soft brush. However, if you’re left with any stains, use a light concentration of soap flakes with lukewarm water, and gently rub in circular motions with a soft brush or microfibre cloth to lift the stains. Then wash away any residue with cold water and hang to air dry away from direct heat.

Repair Advice

Our bags are built to last. We check them thoroughly during and after production to make sure they meet our high standards, but it may be possible that you spot something we missed. If your bag has any defects or damage then please let us know. We’ll review the defect or damage and will offer you an exchange, if in line with the expected wear and rate of the Millican Bag. On the off chance that your existing bag is no longer available, we will offer a similar style in the colour of your choice. We do however request that the old bag is returned to us, where we will repurpose and recycle the bag. Don’t worry, we’ll keep you in the loop and drop you an email with any updates.