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What to Bring On a Commute

What to Bring On a Commute
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Whether you're on your daily commute to work, school, uni or even visiting family or friends, finding ways to improve your commute can make the world of difference.  So, instead of just sitting and scrolling on your phone, here are some of our commute essentials you should pack to help improve your journey. 

How to Plan Your Commute?  

Before we discuss the many ways to stay entertained during your commute, it’s important you plan the best way of commuting to your set destination. If you’re on route to a city, there’s probably endless ways for you to get there, so you should pick the transport that is best suited to you, while considering your carbon footprint. Here are just a few things to consider, before picking: 

  • What’s the cheapest option?  
  • What’s the quickest option?  
  • Which commute suits your lifestyle best?  

Instead of opting for one set in stone commute, you could occasionally switch it up.. So, if you cycle one week, you could get the bus the next and vice versa. 

What to Bring on Your Commute? 

1. Backpack  

Before you start your commute, an essential item that every commute needs is a high-quality bag. Whether that be a messenger bag or a duffle bag for those longer commutes, Millican has a wide range of durable bags to meet your commute needs. Even better, our Millican bags come in a range of colours and are made with recyclable post-consumer waste, helping you take the step towards buying more sustainably 


2. Water Bottle  

Carrying a water bottle is another commute essential to pack on the go. Especially if you’re travelling via public transport, aircon can easily dehydrate the body,so keeping a water bottle with you can help you stay refreshed and hydrated throughout your journey. 

3. Headphones  

The perfect way to pass the time  during your commute is by listening to a podcast, music or even an audiobook. However, if you’re traveling via public transport, it’sbest to carry a pair of headphones, so you can listen to whatever you desire, without disrupting others who are commuting as well. 

4. Book 

With our busy schedules throughout the day, reading can often become less of a priority, but picking up a book while on your commute is the perfect opportunity for you to read and de-stress 

5. Umbrella 

The weather can often be unpredictable and instead of taking your chances, having an umbrella with you at all times will make sure you’re never caught off guard. It doesn’t have to be an all singing, all dancing umbrella, just something small and compact that you can rely on when there’s unexpected downpour.  

We hope these five commuting essentials can help improve your commute, and make it  a little more enjoyable, but for help t in finding the perfect bag for your commute, check out our guide here: 


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Writer and expert
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