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The Many Benefits of a Waist Strap

The Many Benefits of a Waist Strap
Writer and expert24 days ago
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We’ve all been there when wearing two straps was deemed as ‘uncool’. One strap did just the job, and no matter how much it hurt your shoulders, it was always style over practicality. However, when going on hikes and camping trips, your body needs extra comfort over any fashion trend. In fact, even having two straps might not suffice anymore. That’s why many are introducing waist straps to their favourite hiking bag.  

We've put together all ins and outs of waist straps for backpacks and the many benefits. Carry on reading to discover why you should introduce a waist strap to your hiking bag.  

 Why Your Backpack Needs a Hip Belt?  

Whether you’re guilty of overpacking or simply have heavy hiking essentials (which is expected), putting all that additional weight on your shoulders can cause stress and tension on both your shoulders and back. Especially, when going on a hike, this added strain can make your hike unenjoyable.  

Introducing a waist strap contributes to transferring the weight evenly across your shoulders, back and hips. That way, you can take on your hike or adventure in full comfort.  

What Makes a Good Waist Strap?  

Not all backpacks are like our Fraser The Rucksack, with a built-in waist strap, so that means searching for the best one that will provide you with optimal support. 

The key to shopping for a waist strap is to look for a belt that is sturdy, secure and comfortable, like our Millican Waist Strap. Available in six of our Millican colours, for you to perfectly match with your Millican Smith Backpack, you can provide yourself with both comfort and support on any adventure.  

Featuring durable aluminum buckles and hard-wearing materials, this waist strap is super easy for you to add and remove, plus if you need to adjust to fit your needs, you can!  

How to Wear a Waist Strap on a Backpack? 

Now you know why you should introduce a waist strap and what to look for when buying a waist strap, the final step is knowing how to wear a waist strap for full support.   

Start by adding your waist strap to the bottom of your shoulder straps and secure tightly. Then simply clip it onto your waist, it’s that simple. 

However, if you’re wondering how to wear a waist strap for ultimate comfort, here’s our top tip! Waist straps should fit you snug at the top of your hips. If you’re struggling, we’d recommend shrugging your shoulders and tightening the waist strap this way. Then relax and your backpack should place itself perfectly on the top of your hips. 

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5 months agoBy Millican
Writer and expert
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