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How to Pack for an Overnight Business Trip

How to Pack for an Overnight Business Trip
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Making sure you’re prepared for an overnight business trip can be stressful, especially when you have a busy schedule to compete with.  

We’ve put together an in-depth guide for you to discover how to pack for an overnight business trip. From business trip packing lists to which bag you should take, feel prepared and organised for your next business trip! 

What Bag Is Best for an Overnight Business Trip?

The first step to being prepared for a business trip is having a bag to accompany you during your stay. Not only does an overnight bag help keep all your essentials safe, but it is also a great way to ensure you’re organised throughout the duration of your trip. 

Our Miles The Duffle Bag can help make your business trip much easier. Featuring one strap to carry, you can also transform this overnight bag into a backpack. With 40L of capacity, you can take advantage of the space to pack everything you need and more for your business trip. 

Business Trip Packing List 

Inevitably, the items you’ll need to pack for a business trip will be dependent on the event, the weather and, of course, the dress code. To help you take some of the stress away, here’s ourbusiness trip packing list to help get you started. 

1. Multiple Outfits 

Whether you’re staying one night or a few, it’s advised to pack a couple of outfit options that will allow you to be prepared for whatever the business trip entails. Last minute work drinks or dinner, the extra shirts, skirts, trousers or tops will give you the option to quickly switch up your daytime attire and feel fresh for any evening plans. 

2. Laptop Or Tablet  

Having access to all your essential business files while you’re away from the office will help make your business trip run smoothly no matter where you’re travelling to. Whether you use a laptop or a tablet, simply slot your device into one of the secure internal pockets featured in the Miles The Duffle bag – make sure to include all the relevant chargers! 

3. Notebook and Pen  

Just in case you need to scribble down some notes while you’re away, having a notebook and pen to hand is a great idea! Use the available pockets within your Millican overnight bag to keep them stored away and in easy reach. 

4. Adapters 

If your overnight business trip happens to be in another country, ensuring you have the relevant power adapters to charge up your electronics is crucial. Before leaving, double check the requirements so you have enough time to purchase one, should you need it. 

5. Wash Bag  

Keep all your personal hygiene products together with our Medium Utility Pouch. From your toothbrush and hairbrush to your face wash and shower gel, having all your toiletries in one place will not only help to keep your overnight bag organised, but it will also ensure that you can easily access them at any point during your trip. 

Business Travel Packing Tips 

Now you know all of the business trip essentials you need to pack, it’s important to pack efficiently – packing cubes will be your best friend. Packing cubes are a great way to add an element of organisation to your travel bag, helping you to differentiate your daytime clothes from your underwear. They will also help you to save space and allow you to grab exactly what you need with ease. 

At Millican, we have a range of different packing cubes sizes. Our Packing Cube Set of 3 is the perfect option that provides you with three different sizes, helping you to quickly identify which items are in which cube when you’re on the move. 

And it doesn’t stop there! We have multiple bag accessories for you to discover here:  

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