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How to Protect the Environment During Winter

How to Protect the Environment During Winter
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The winter weather is finally here, but with the colder weather, small changes to the environment starts to creep in. Whether that be salt spreading paths or using extra energy to heat our homes, all of these consequences can take a toll on the environment. At Millican, we make the health of the environment a priority, which is why we’ve put together a few eco-friendly tips on how to protect the environment this winter.  

Why We Should Protect the Environment?  

Through human destruction to the environment, it can be harder for the environment to survive on its own. This is why prioritising and protecting the environment can deliver many benefits to the health of the ecosystem. These benefits can include:  

  • Maintaining soil 
  • Regulating the climate 
  • Purifying the air 
  • Cleaning our water 
  • Protecting the wildlife 

Especially during the winter when we’re most likely to use our cars and use more energy, protecting the environment is crucial, so that we can continue to live in a healthy and safe atmosphere. 

How to Protect The Environment  

Implementing these quick and easy ways to protect the environment will allow you to still enjoy winter but with a more mindful approach on how to decrease the impact on the environment.  

1. Don’t Leave Your Car Running Long  

As tempting as it is to leave your car running to ‘heat up’, it’s unnecessary and can lead to increased emissions and pollution. Most cars heat up within a few minutes, and although it might be cold when you first get in, we recommend getting in your car with your coat on and drive. In no time you’ll soon warm up! 

2. Be Careful When De-Icing  

During those brisk winter mornings, we might be blessed with a bit of frost or maybe some snow. With that comes ice, which can become quite a hazard when walking or driving. Typically, you might choose to de-ice with rock salt and calcium chloride, and although it might do the job, it can cause an impact on the environment, as well as being dangerous for children and pets. We recommend using materials that are a little more eco-friendly such as:  

  • Sand  
  • Sawdust  

2. Stock Up on Blankets 

With energy prices on the rise, we’re sure stocking up on blankets is a tip many of you are implementing. This easy practice doesn’t just allow you to save money on your bills, but it can also help protect the environment by reducing the amount of greenhouse gases released.  

3. Use Better Lightbulbs  

During the winter, the amount of daylight we’re treated to is limited, which can cause an increase in your bills and in energy waste. Opting for environmentally-friendly lightbulbs such as LED lightbulbs or CFL lightbulbs can positively impact the environment.  

4. Take Public Transportation 

Public transport is another way you can protect the environment this winter. We understand that not every journey is easily accessible via public transport, but those trips where you can, may reduce the amount of greenhouse gases.  

5. Shop Sustainable  

Becoming more sustainable when you shop, can help protect our overall environment. At Millican, our backpacks and accessories have been crafted with sustainability in mind. Featuring hard-wearing and durable material, to ensure that no matter how often you use them, they’ll last you a lifetime. Each bag is also made with post-consumer recyclable waste, so if you want to do better for your environment this winter, shop our Millican bags! 


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