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All Your Questions Answered About Our Recycled Materials

All Your Questions Answered About Our Recycled Materials
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Sustainability is becoming a major focus for more and more businesses these days and we pride ourselves on being one of them. But what does it mean to be sustainable? At Millican, we design all our multifunctional backpacks with 100% post-consumer waste, and pride ourselves in making products to last a lifetime. That said, we’ve put together the perfect guide on all things recycled materials, and why we want you to make sustainable choices when shopping.  

The Advantages of Using Recycled Material   

Recycling is extremely important to our planet and is fundamental for the longevity of mother nature. Recycling is the act of converting waste materials into new materials and objects. This is massively beneficial to both people and the environment.  It’s crucial that we keep this dialogue going and continue to educate people on the advantages of recycling waste materials. With that in mind, here are just a few:  

  • Helps to keep our environment clean 
  • Reduces waste 
  • Reduces greenhouse gases 
  • Prevents landfills from being overloaded 
  • Creates new job opportunities  
  • Suppresses the pursuit for raw materials  
  • Saves energy and helps avoid an energy crisis 

How Recyclable Materials Helps The Environment   

By turning old and waste products into new materials, we’re giving a new life to something else. Without being recycled, the material would’ve likely gone to a landfill or made its way into our oceans. This is an ever-growing issue, which is why we have built a brand on the foundations of sustainability.    

That’s right, our whole range of backpacks, daypacks and pouches are all made from recycled, remade and repurposed material – becoming plastic with purpose!  

How to Shop Recyclable Material 

Shopping recyclable material is one of the best steps we can take in the ongoing mission to protect our planet. With our array of utility pouches, duffle bags and rucksacks, we aim to give you a product that will last a lifetime. Specifically designed with versatility in mind, our bags have been made with a wide range of features to work across many different scenarios. This will, in turn, help you work towards your own sustainable living.  

The longevity of a product is not only crucial from a financial point of view for our customers, but from a global point of view for the environment. The less we dispose of waste products, the healthier our planet becomes. Millican will remain dedicated on its path and will continue to carve the way in sustainability.  

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3 months agoBy Millican
Writer and expert
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