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5 Essentials to Take on a Long Walk

5 Essentials to Take on a Long Walk
Writer and expert9 days ago
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Walking can provide you with many health and wellbeing benefits. But it’s important before you set off, that you have all the essentials you need to keep you going. That said, we’ve put together the perfect walking checklist for you to stay equipped throughout your adventure. Carry on reading to discover everything you need to bring on a walk.

What to Bring On a Walk?  

Here are some of our favourite walking essentials you should pack up in your hiking bag the next time you go on a walk.  

1. Extra Clothing  

Keeping spare clothes in your backpack can keep you prepared for all weathers and scenarios. Especially if you’re going on a walk in the mountains, the weather from the bottom to the top is very different, which is where additional layers come in handy. And it goes without saying in the UK to pack a waterproof  – it's definitely better to be safe than sorry. This way you can enjoy you a walk in all weathers.  

2. First Aid Kit  

Whether you encounter a blister or any small injury during your walk, having a first aid kit packed away in your walking bag, can help look after you when you’re on the move. From paracetamols to insect repellent, throw in everything you think will help you in an emergency!  

3. Snacks  

Food is fuel and keeping your energy when you’re on a long walk is crucial. That said, before you leave the house, we recommend popping in some high-energy snacks in your walking bag. This way you can help boost your energy when you need it most. Pack snacks such as:  

  • Protein bars  
  • Dried fruit  
  • Nuts  
  • Seeds  

4. Water 

Water is a necessity every day, but when you go on a walk having a water bottle to hand is key. Even if you don’t end up needing it, having it there for you to grab is essential. Especially when you’re on a multi-hour walk, you will definitely need to rehydrate. You might even notice that your energy levels and concentration might be a little sharper after staying hydrated. 

5. Bring a Bag 

Even if you’re not going on a strenuous hike, you’re going to need to store all these walking essentials somehow.  

We have a wide range of bags for you to check out, including our Fraser The Rucksack for those longer walks or our Smith The Roll Pack 18L for those slightly shorter walks. Both bags provide you with ultimate comfort when you’re off on the walk and have the capacity to easily store all your walking essentials. What’s more, all our Millican backpacks are made using recyclable materials, so you can make your step towards living more sustainable.  

For more tips about sustainability check out our blog here:  


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