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How to Organise Your Desk

How to Organise Your Desk
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Keeping your workspace organised and tidy can have a positive impact on both your productivity and concentration – as well as making it easier for you to find your favourite items. But how exactly do you organise your desk? From decluttering to finding the perfect desk essentials, we’ve put together the perfect guide on how to organise your desk space with our top organisation tips, no matter what you use it for. 

Why is it Good to Be Organised?  

It’s true what they say about ‘tidy home, tidy mind.’ Being organised and having clean and tidy surroundings can help you concentrate and stay focused on what needs doing. This results in your productivity levels being higher, allowing you to get more things done in your day to day. The benefits of being organised will also help to: 

  • Save you time  
  • Spark your creativity  
  • Create a positive workspace 

How To Organise Your Desk  

With many benefits of being organised for your mind, health, and wellbeing, here are a few organisation tips on how to organise your desk space. Whether you’re looking to organise your desk at work, home, or even an artist desk, our organisation tips below can be implemented no matter your desk use. 

1. Start from Scratch 

The best way to get organised is by starting with a blank slate. So, when you have time, begin to clear everything from the top of your desk onto a separate table or onto the floor. This might seem like you're moving the mess from one desk to another, but this allows you to go through everything and begin the clear out process.  

Get rid of as many unimportant items, old pens, scrap paper and miscellaneous items as possible. Although it might be difficult to let go and become ruthless in your decluttering, being strict will leave only the necessities on your desk and help you to get rid of any items that clutter your desk space. 

2. Arrange Your Items Practically 

Once you’ve downsized and only have your essentials left, look at how you want to arrange your desk. Do you prefer to have your laptop, notepad or paint brush on a specific side? Think of new ways of placing your items that will mirror organisation but also help you to stay engaged.  

While planning your desk layout, it’s also important to position the items you’re going to gravitate to the most within arm’s reach. This will help maximise your productivity level, as it will keep you from having to hunt down things and help you to save time. 

3. Invest in Office Supplies 

When you’re in the process of organising your desk, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to stock up on any essentials you’re running low on. While you’re placing things back onto your desk, write a list of any items you’re running short on. We recommend only writing down the items you tend to use a lot or go through quickly. This way you can restrict yourself from investing in the supplies you don’t need and cluttering your freshly organised desk. 

4. Add Personality 

Just because you’re aiming to have an organised desk doesn’t mean it needs to lack personality. Small touches like a plant, coffee table books, or a couple of framed photos can help bring your desk to life. You could even print off some inspirational quotes and pop them into a photo frame so you can remain motivated during your tasks. 

5. Continue The Clean Momentum 

Now you’ve mastered a clean, organised workspace, the best way to stay on top of it is by cleaning up as you go on and keep your desk essentials stored away neatly at the end of each day. Our Utility Pouch is a great way to keep your items all together in one place. Available in a range of different sizes, pack away all your desk items to limit any surface clutter, leaving your desk neat, tidy and organised. 

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Writer and expert
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