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How to Clean a Backpack

How to Clean a Backpack
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Backpacks are an investment, that you need to look after. Especially with the endless adventures you can take your bag on, keeping it in top-notch condition allows you to travel in style and confidence. However, we understand that daily dirt and spills can occur, but over time this runs the risk of damaging the high-quality fabric.

Protect your bag with our top tips on how to look after your backpack.

How Often Should You Wash Backpacks

We understand that as soon as you’ve received one of our Millican bags keeping it clean and crisp is a priority, but constantly scrubbing your bag isn’t always necessary.  

Over washing your bag also runs the risk of fading and the bag becoming more susceptible to wear and tear.  

At Millican, we pride ourselves in crafting all our bags to last a lifetime, so it’s crucial to only wash your bag when it needs it, in order to sustain that brand-new finish. We’d recommend to give your bag a deep clean every few months, especially if you’re constantly out and about or go on hikes.  

How to Clean a Backpack

The best way to clean your backpack is opting to hand wash, as machine washing can lead to potential wear and tear. This way you can help protect your bag, while keeping it clean. Here are some of our handwash essentials you should uses to help clean your backpack:  

  • Soap or detergent  
  • Sponge  
  • Soft cleaning brush  
  • Towel  

1. Empty Your Backpack

You wouldn’t want to get your bag essentials wet, would you? So, before you start cleaning your bag, it’s best to start removing all your bag accessories and items. This includes all the miscellaneous items you find right at the bottom of your bag.

Expert Tip: You could attach the smaller compartment on your vacuum and run it along the inner and outer seams.

2. Remove Any Dirt

Before you go in with a with a wet sponge, we recommend brushing any mud and dirt off when your bag is dry. This will prevent rubbing any stains into the fabric, but also make you differentiate whether your bag needs a light clean or a deep clean.

3. Spot Treat Any Remaining Stains

After brushing off any dry mud, if you notice any remaining stains, use your sponge with a little bit of soap and lukewarm water to work the stain with circular motions.

4. Wash The Backpack

Grab a large bowl or use a bathtub, fill it with lukewarm water and a dash of soap.

  1. Dip the backpack into the water and submerge.
  2. Using your sponge rub in circular motions over the stain and then remove any remaining soap.
  3. Drain the soapy water and refill with clean, cold water to thoroughly rinse off.
  4. Remove your freshly clean backpack and pat dry with a towel. Hang it up and allow it air dry!

How to Keep Your Bag From Getting Dirty?  

Keeping your bag in best condition and limiting any stains can be hard when we’re busy on your adventures. But if you’re super conscious about keeping your bag squeaky clean, you might want to consider a stain-repellent. This way you can enjoy you’re mission without worrying that your bag is going to get ruined. 

If you’re looking for more ways to look after your backpack, check out these top tips to decluttering your bag:  


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