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Traveller SeriesA Curious Guide to the West Highlands
- Sawday's Travel Experiences

Sawday's is a unique travel company, born from a passion for genuine connection with inspiring people and places. We caught up with the team as they headed out on an adventure of exploration into the hidden corners of the Scotish highlands, to put together a 'Curious Guide' of the area for their community of inquisitive travellers. 

Words by Tessa Glover | Photography by Jim Marsden

Our founder, Alastair, spent his early life as a wandering guide and small-scale champion of the independent and authentic. His discoveries led to his first book and then slowly grew into a travel company that’s still infused with his inquiring, restless spirit.

Many years after those initial trips we're setting out again, heading deeper into familiar landscapes and opening up some exciting new ones. We’re publishing what excites us in monthly Curious Guides and share them with our community. The guides are designed to help you get off the beaten track, explore further and uncover the people, places and experiences that make somewhere unique.

We set out to create our Scotland guide in early March, when the highlands still had snow-capped peaks and the word “brooding” sprang to mind often. Travelling through the Highlands it was hard not to feel small. Grey mountains rose above a sepia spectrum of greens and browns and tantalising roads wound into the seemingly empty landscape. We arrived expecting the humbling drama of massive scenery but found a region of thriving culture, curious characters, complex history and seafood so fresh you could still taste the sea...

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