Travel | The Travelling Bag Project </br>- A New Path Lies Ahead

Travel The Travelling Bag Project
- A New Path Lies Ahead

The Travelling Bag Project was created to connect our journeys. To pass on stories, make memories and record the purpose behind why we travel. 6 months after the Travelling Bag left Millican HQ, we look back on the adventures so far, and what curious paths lie ahead.


In January of this year, we sent out Smith the Roll Pack 25L, to pass from traveller to traveller across the globe, recording their stories and experiences as it went.  

The Travelling Bag began its journey in Australia with photographer, Joanne Coates, since then it’s travelled 3,783 miles, has seen 14 countries, spent 31 nights under the stars and lived to tell the tale. Smith has travelled with writer and life-coach Ruth Allen, illustrator Padhraic Mulholland and photographers Haydn Darke, Chris McClean and Daniel Alford. Each used their time with the Travelling Bag to reflect on what travel means to them and how it inspires their daily lives, using it as a chance to learn from the travellers that went before them. 

At the start of the year, we opened the Travelling Bag project to our community, asking you where you’d take the bag and what you would hope to experience. 

We loved reading all of your travel requests, which is why it took us a while to map out the next leg of the journey, but we can now announce the path the Travelling Bag will take for the second half of the year. 

Anastasia Mikheeva - Iceland - September 2017

'If we received The Travelling Bag we would travel to Iceland because we believe that it is the most beautiful and diverse place on the planet. Here we will run our first marathon, hike, climb, dive in the Sirfa Lake, enjoy the birdlife on the West Coast and walk along the black sandy beaches.’

Emanuel Smedbøl - Vancouver - October 2017

'Adventures come in all shapes and sizes, and you don't need to be rich or an athlete to get out and feel the thrill of adventure — all you need is an evening or weekend off and the curiosity to see something new.' 

Rania Ronntoft - Sweden -  November 2017 

'I care for the environment and I do not think that we need to fly across the globe to see great things, have awesome experiences and create memories that will last a lifetime. We can explore our backyard and surroundings during evenings and weekends, and we can travel in our own countries a lot more.'

Simon Pocock - South Africa - December 2017 

If I received the Travelling Bag I would travel to the Cederberg mountains in Southern Africa, because it is home to some of the most beautifully harsh landscapes and mountain peaks, within a few hours motorcycle ride from my home. There is an appreciation inside of me for a more simplistic approach to travel and exploration. All that you can carry on your back is often all that is needed on a trip!

Applications are now open for The Travelling Bag in 2018. If you enjoy a slower pace of travel and explore to experience then you could take The Travelling Bag with you.

Complete the sentences below to describe the trip you would take The Travelling Bag on and email your response to, along with your full name and the dates for when your trip is booked.

  • If I received the Travelling Bag I would travel to….because…
  • I’d like to visit here to see…
  • Here, I’d like to experience…
  • It would be an adventure because…
  • To me, travel means…

You can follow the story of The Travelling Bag on our blog or by following us on Instagram (@homeofmillican) and searching for #thetravellingbag – happy travels.

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