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TravelPaper and Ink
- Coni Flores

Chilean photographer, Coni Flores embarked on a three-month trek within remote Nepal to build meaningful connections between person, place and photograph. We were moved by Coni's project, Paper and Ink and how she captures the value of a printed photograph and Nepal's deep and vibrant culture.

Photography by Coni FloresPaper and Ink

Coni and her husband, Emilio, hiked from village to village in Nepal. Most of these villages have limited access to technology, so a photo of their family, friends and home becomes a precious item. Reaching isolated locations, meant they needed to hike over 1000km, with all of their equipment. As well as camera gear, they carried a portable printer and the paper and ink to make all the photographs instantly and give to the people they met.

"We trekked the Himalayas and reached high altitudes of 5,550km, but it meant we could explore and experience Nepal deeply. We met wonderful people and felt that we could give more than one smile with a photo of someone, their family, children, grandparents, or even their dog. 
We have benefited so much from their gratitude and happiness, we were not looking for anything more than that."

Coni hopes to continue the project all over the world, to show beautiful locations and cultures and share a different way of life from the people themselves.