Millican Weekends | Remember to Breathe </br>- The Eclipse by Nitish Meena

Millican WeekendsRemember to Breathe
- The Eclipse by Nitish Meena

Millican Weekends are a series of stories that celebrate the people making big adventures out of small pockets of time.

'Many people took time out of their busy Mondays to watch a total solar eclipse — the first to cross the country since 1918. I was one of them. I drove to Oregon from Seattle to experience the totality.'

Words & Photography by Nitish Meena | @nitishq

The weather was warm a minute ago but then as expected it started getting dark and the darkness brought the chills with it. The birds began to fly back and I could see the colours of the sunset on the horizon. It was 10:10 in the morning.

I took my camera out from my bag and set up my tripod facing towards the fading Sun. I didn’t plan this trip in advance and lost my chance to grab a pair of Eclipse glasses, for both me and my camera’s eyes. I remember a night before I called my friend to join me and experience the phenomena. On his confirmation, I quickly put all the required stuff in my Miles the Duffle Bag 40L, and soon we were on the road.

From Seattle to Portland it took us less than three hours and we knew that we had to spend the night wandering the streets or even better, amongst the mountains.

We chose the latter and spent the night with the magnificent Mount Hood under the stars, while eagerly awaiting sunrise. Luckily it was a warm summer night and we were treated to these views...

Always celebrate the first light, it’s good for the soul. Like strokes from an artist's brush, early morning mist tinted the Mount Hood National Forest.

And, then finally witnessing and capturing this grandeur moment.

It was for those two minutes I realised that there’s a whole universe out there. And it’s bigger than our imagination. These are the moments when the magic becomes real, and we grow a little. I whispered to myself - 'Remember to breathe.'

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