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Traveller Series A Journey Close to Home
- Bethany Mercer

Traveller Series | A Journey Close to Home <br/>- Bethany Mercer
The little Isle of Wight, that I now have the delight to call home, receives a mixed reputation. Sometimes seen as a place to retire, an island lost in a...
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Travel A Scottish Road Trip
- with Anskar Lenzen

Travel | A Scottish Road Trip<br> - with Anskar Lenzen
Travelling is great, but road trips are even greater. Scotland was on our travel list for years, and 2019 was finally time to get ready for it. All the expectations...
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Traveller Series Unpacking of Journeys Past
- with Catherine Sarsfield

Traveller Series | Unpacking of Journeys Past<br/> - with Catherine Sarsfield
Pack your bags, they say. Go on an adventure. Find stillness, wildness, novelty, nostalgia. Be in search of something bigger than you, with nothing but the bag on your back...
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Traveller Series The Camino Pilgrimage
with Benoit Grogan-Avignon

Traveller Series | The Camino Pilgrimage<br/> with Benoit Grogan-Avignon
My mum and I told ourselves we were just going for a long walk. A very long walk. We were nervous, my mum particularly so because she'd never walked this...
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Travel The Travelling Bag -
The Pyrenees

Travel | The Travelling Bag - </br>The Pyrenees
The Travelling Bag series was originally curated to connect our global community, by passing a bag and a single journal from traveller to traveller, adventure to adventure. It has since...
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