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Millican HQ The Travel Collective #1
Woodcarving with Miscellaneous Adventures

Millican HQ | The Travel Collective #1</br>Woodcarving with Miscellaneous Adventures
The Millican Travel Collective is about like-minded people coming together to share stories and be creative. In late October last year, we welcomed our first collective to our home at...
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Millican HQ Digital Detox
The week we switched off.

Millican HQ | Digital Detox </br>The week we switched off.
It’s a pretty common problem; the addiction to our smartphones. Here at Millican, we’ve been guilty of spending too much time scrolling through social media, hitting refresh and waiting for...
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Film The Place We Call Home

Film | The Place We Call Home
The Place We Call Home Our home is where every journey begins. It’s the place where we breathe life into our products, influenced by the seasons as they ebb and...
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Millican HQ The Lakeland 3000's
- Rebecca Slack

Millican HQ | The Lakeland 3000's</br>- Rebecca Slack
Being asked to climb the Lakeland 3000's was an offer I would have laughed at a year ago - followed with ‘absolutely no chance’. But when Everyday Adventures asked me...
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Millican HQ Home Away From Home
Working Class Heroes

Millican HQ | Home Away From Home</br>Working Class Heroes
At Working Class Heroes, business is simple; find great product, stock it, photograph it, pack it and dispatch it, all from their HQ in Ulverston, The Lake District. Their honest,...
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