Journal - lake district

Traveller Series Wild Necessities
- The Lake District with Tom Allport

Traveller Series | Wild Necessities</br>- The Lake District with Tom Allport
'The late great John Muir said that “Wilderness is a necessity”. This statement has been rolling around my head a lot recently, there are so many things that people consider...
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Q&A The Lakelanders
- Billy Redden

Q&A | The Lakelanders</br>- Billy Redden
The Lakelanders are a group of ten amateur photographers who work together to help showcase the beauty of the Lake District to a global audience. They offer stunning photography of...
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Millican HQ The Lakeland 3000's
- Rebecca Slack

Millican HQ | The Lakeland 3000's</br>- Rebecca Slack
Being asked to climb the Lakeland 3000's was an offer I would have laughed at a year ago - followed with ‘absolutely no chance’. But when Everyday Adventures asked me...
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Millican HQ Home Away From Home
Working Class Heroes

Millican HQ | Home Away From Home</br>Working Class Heroes
At Working Class Heroes, business is simple; find great product, stock it, photograph it, pack it and dispatch it, all from their HQ in Ulverston, The Lake District. Their honest,...
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Q&A The Long View
- Rob & Harriet Fraser

Q&A | The Long View </br>- Rob & Harriet Fraser
This year, Millican Maverick, Rob Fraser and his wife Harriet, embarked on a project that set out to celebrate the beauty and value of seven unique Lake District trees. Their 'The Long View'...
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