Special Offer | Do X Millican Roll Pack 18L </br>- 25% Off

Special Offer Do X Millican Roll Pack 18L
- 25% Off

Once a year, speakers and attendees gather on the edge of West Wales to create a village of ideas. Phones off and minds open, ideas are shared. It's a place for optimism, wonder and inspiration to bubble up.

Next Thursday the Do Lectures returns to Cardigan Bay for a long weekend full of inspiration and open-mindedness.

The Do Lectures is a safe place for nurturing ideas and letting go of the word 'impossible'. We are very proud to have been able to collaborate with the team at 'Do' over the years and we thank the event for filling us with optimism and motivation each year. To celebrate its return, we’re offering our community 25% off our Do X Millican 18L Roll Packs – our bags are for travel, so why not help great ideas travel too?

We’ve pulled together a selection of our favourite talks from the Do Lectures 2016, to add a little inspiration to your weekend.

 Will Parsons & Guy Hayward - Bringing the 'P' Word

"Things have moved. Things have moved in a way that we can’t foresee where they’re going, and it’s all great, but we still have that need. We still have need to go back to what it is to be simply human.”

Will Parsons and Guy Hayward, Millican Tribe Members, are walking (and singing) their way ever-deeper into Britain on a quest to rediscover and refresh the pilgrimage traditions of this land.

Ian James & Nick Selby - Be Brave. In Fact Be Braver.

"It's about taking a gamble, it's about pushing yourself, it's about letting go of something that isn't working for you."

Nick and Ian opened Melrose and Morgan in the Autumn of 2004. Their grocery shop in London’s Primrose Hill had soon garnered a reputation for championing artisan food producers, making simple tasty food and becoming a creative hub for the local community.

Konrad Brits - Finding The Other Currencies Beyond Wealth

"I wanted to build a company, a full profit company that would take responsibility and would drive social change."

Konrad, founder and CEO of Falcon Coffees, believes that coffee has the latent potential to improve the lives of hundreds of millions of people across many of the world’s poorest countries and in doing so, could build the blueprint to global food security.

Anna Koska - I Do A Lot of Things Badly

“My best planning and execution in my head of ideas, happens when I am wearing a cloak of sweat and am sifting mud through my socks.”

Having been discouraged from taking art beyond the school classroom, but inspired by the words of her Grandfather “If you have a talent, it is your duty to polish it every day.” Anna felt compelled to return to it some years later. As such she is an entirely self-taught, published freelance food illustrator of some 25 years, and to date has illustrated in excess of 100 books.

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