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Last Summer, we headed to Canada to spend a few weeks with a group of creatives, working together to capture the heart of our new Core Collection. During that time we spoke about human power, being collectively responsible and how to slow down when the world around us is moving so fast. These are the stories of the people we met that Summer and what's at their core. 

Words by Gavin Jardine | @havinsardines

Photography by Harry Fricker | @frickeruk

Whats at the core of who you are and what you do?

Pursuing a fun, happy, and rewarding life. I love climbing, mountain biking, road-biking, bike-packing, and trail running. I care about the planet, the animals, and preserving it all as best as we can.


The Core Collection

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Everyday we have an impact on the planet, how do you actively try and make that a positive one?

Sadly, I think that engaging in outdoor recreation like climbing, mountain biking, or trail running inherently causes some degree ecological damage and habitat disturbances simply by our presence. But that said, there are measures we can take to reduce our impact while recreating, and also in living our regular lives. I personally endeavour to cause less harm to the planet by following leave no trace ethics (like packing out trash, staying on designated trails, or brushing tick marks while bouldering), using cycling as my means of transportation, and observing a plant-based diet. There are a host of other things that we can all do like investing in and supporting ethical companies, travelling a little less (particularly flying), buying less and focus on acquiring things that will last longer, and vote for people and policies that will protect the environment. I think we should hold each other accountable--just don't be a jerk about it.

How would you encourage others to pursue their core calling?

Be open-minded, try lots of things, and find what calls you. Acknowledge which sacrifices you're willing to make to pursue it, and surround yourself by people that support you and bring you up.

Do you have any advice from your own experience on small ways to reduce, reuse and recycle in your everyday life.

Assuming your community provides the options, recycle everything you can (glass, plastic, paper) and compost your food scraps. Give these things a quick clean before recycling them to ensure they don't get diverted to landfill. Research where you can recycle batteries, electronics, light bulbs, styrofoam, or soft plastics in your area. Aim to put as little as you can in general garbage. Challenge yourself to see how infrequently you can fill your bin and reward yourself for doing well to reinforce positive behaviour in yourself.

Only buy what you need and repair what you can. Reduce, reuse, and recycle are listed in that order for good reason. Invest in your local soil health by supporting farmer's markets, which typically have fewer packaged goods too. Research zero (or low) waste retailers in your area and support them--Nada, The Soap Dispensary, and Bulk Barn are great options in Vancouver, BC.

What does travel and adventure mean to you?

Travel and adventure are at the root of nearly everything that call's me--whether that be climbing, bike-packing, or trail running. I love exposing myself to new landscapes, pushing my limits (both physical and mentally), and receiving the high and rush of satisfaction that comes with topping a boulder problem or finishing a long run.