Product Reviews | Smith the Roll Pack 15L (With Pockets)</br>Kieran Fallows

Product ReviewsSmith the Roll Pack 15L (With Pockets)
Kieran Fallows

Over the last couple of months I have found myself selling, donating and getting rid of excessive items that I don’t really need and keeping a small yet precise amount of items in my life. I have found myself taking this approach when walking in the Lake District as well, I have been taking my camera with one lens and a few other essentials for the trip.

Words & Photography by Kieran Fallows | @kieranfallows_

I have been using the Smith 15L Roll Pack (With Pockets) pack on a lot of my journeys, everything from hiking up the Fells to the cycle to work. The simplistic design fooled me at first but the pack offers more space than you’d expect, it allows me to take all the things I truly need whilst still having some space left over. I’ve been able to fit the Millican camera insert into the bag which has offered my camera and its accessories more than enough protection in the rucksack when on my cycle to work or when I’m hiking up a fell. The pouch also offers a nice divide in the bag as well making it quick and easy to access my items.

Recently, I have been exploring closer to home more and more. When heading out into the Lakes, I always pack a waterproof as the weather can change quickly. Alongside the waterproof I pack my snacks (lots of them) as well as some spare clothing for if I go swimming after the hike. I also let my friend Jake borrow the pack for a couple of sunrise hikes and this is what he packed for that morning.

15L doesn’t sound like a lot but with the roll top feature of this pack I was able to cram and squeeze plenty of stuff into the pack when needed. The exterior fabric feels durable and is water resistant so I had no issue with throwing this bag around and seeing what it is made of. The laptop compartment is super handy for when I want to go grab a coffee after a cold swim and have a look through the photos that I captured at sunrise.

The perfect pack for short trips.