Product Review | The Bionic Canvas Story</br>Behind the Seams

Product Review The Bionic Canvas Story
Behind the Seams

Conscious choices and connecting with social mavericks lead the way on our sustainable journey, guiding our decisions for people and planet.

In our search for the ideal Maverick Collection fabric 5 years ago, we found Bionic® Yarn from start-up material engineers Tim Coombs and Tyson Toussant. Their innovative, patented yarns combine natural fibres with recycled polyester, partly created from plastics recovered through ocean and coastal clean-up projects.

Together we developed our exclusive Bionic® Canvas – initially using their HLX® yarn, more recently switching to DPX® to further increase the recycled content to 65%. Our double basket weave construction has been wax-impregnated and DWR (C6) treated, to create the highly abrasion-resistant and weatherproof fabric used in our Maverick Collection.

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