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Product ReviewPacking Cubes
- Simplicity On The Road

The Packing Cubes were a real game changer for us on our trip. It meant we could use all three bags without the hassle of reorganising our kit every time, whether in the van, in transit or for the flights.

Words & Photography by Jake Baggaley | @cakejaggaley

Whilst journeying through Australia, New Zealand and Sri Lanka, we spent part of our time sleeping in a camper van. Being in a small space for such a long time meant it was important to keep our gear organised. We had a 15L Smith the Roll Pack, a 25L Smith and a 32L Marsden the Camera Pack, which was the perfect mix for us.

It had us covered from short walks to day hikes to multi-day trips away from the van. However, the crucial piece of kit, that made switching bags day by day and keeping the van organised super easy, were the Millican Packing Cubes. They allowed us to keep everything neatly organised and packed in a bag in the van, electronics, clothing and activewear all stored separately. When I wanted to use a bag, I could just take out the packing cubes I needed and the bag was ready to go, my kit still as neatly organised as it was. 

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