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Smith the Roll Pack 25L

Daniel Rieley is a British Illustrator based in Lisbon.  We catch up with him during a van trip in his newly converted Nissan Vanette camper van and he explains how even the smallest moments in time can be enough to reset and refresh.  Smith the Roll Pack 25L tags along for the ride on the Portuguese Coast.

Words and Illustrations by Daniel Rieley | @daniel_rieley

During the main lockdown here in Portugal, my girlfriend and I had the opportunity to buy a 1991 Nissan Vanette. It needed some work to convert it into a campervan, but we loved the style of this vehicle, and it soon became our on and off project during the pandemic. After recently getting it back from yet another trip to the garage - and even though the interior was not quite finished - we decided to head south of Lisbon for the weekend to put it to the test.

campervan at night

Being outside in nature, exploring new places or revisiting favourite spots gives me the most inspiration for my work. It does not necessarily have to be a big trek somewhere; a short weekend trip or a couple of hours surfing can be enough to refresh my mind and spark new ideas.

This pack is the perfect companion for all of this. It’s not only a functional and comfortable bag, but the classic design with the roll-top looks excellent. Knowing that the pack is made by a team who share the same passion for nature as I do, makes it feel even better on the back. Apart from the roll-top, my favourite features are the two front pockets, especially the one left open, making it easy to access my sketchbook, a map or my point and shoot film camera. It’s a pack that will certainly be joining me on many adventures.

dayhike smith the roll pack 25L

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On this particular trip, the Vanette took us smoothly across the Tejo River and down the west coast of Portugal. We hiked along the cliff edge, weaving between the forest and dunes. We were even greeted by a pod of dolphins in the evening whilst walking back to the van, which was a pretty lovely way to end the day of our first trip with the Vanette.