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Product ReviewNavigate Your Bag Nick
The Messenger Bag 13L

With Nick the Messenger Bag (13L) carrying her sketchbook and inky brushes, Melanie Chadwick explores close-to-home on the Cornish coast. She illustrates her journeys as her way of travelling with intention - by taking only what she needs, Melanie opens her eyes and mind to the world on her doorstep. 

Illustrations & Words by Melanie Chadwick | @melanie_chadwick

Going out to sketch is very much part of my illustration practice. I love being able to draw from my surroundings, in particular places that are off the beaten path, in the countryside and by the sea.

Nick the Messenger Bag (13L) has been my companion for the last few months and I can not underestimate how handy it has been. Firstly having an outside pocket that fits a water bottle is ideal as it means I can stay hydrated for longer and it's easy to swig whilst on the move, no messing around with clasps and fiddly zips to locate it. The bag also has several compartments, it fits my sketchbooks and separates my inky brush pens from things I don't particularly want to be stained with paint.

Nick is very lightweight even when filled, which makes him perfect to take out on my walks which usually last around an hour or more. Once I've found a spot to sketch - and have taken everything out - Nick even serves as a makeshift seat, particularly if the ground is damp.

Travel to me is looking at things afresh, seeing the world with childlike wonder and taking time to examine, notice and sense the sights around you. In essence, travel can happen anywhere and anytime. It can be as simple as a 20-minute walk around your neighbourhood and taking note of everything around you. I try to incorporate intentional travel into my day as I look and sketch what's around me. You'll be surprised at what's on your doorstep.

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