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Product ReviewNavigate Your Bag
Smith the Roll Pack 15L With Pockets

For our latest Navigate Your Bag, we explore the city of Nottingham with the Derbyshire-based comic creator Sally Jane Thompson and Smith the Roll Pack 15L With Pockets. Forgetting limitations, Sally discovers the meaning of each journey she takes, be it in new or familiar places.  

“My first impression when I took the Smith 15L out of the box was a delight at how light it is, despite its robustness. Nowadays, I have to carry a certain amount with me - folding cane, snacks to keep blood sugar up, extra layers - but everything also feels about twice as heavy as it used to. The Smith can hold quite a lot and is full of surprise pockets and sleeves, but it's beautifully light and compact.”

Illustrations by Sally Jane Thompson | @sallythompson