Product Review | Navigate Your Bag</br>- Tinsley the Tote Pack

Product Review Navigate Your Bag
- Tinsley the Tote Pack

Elly Jahnz, the creative behind the cover illustrations for the Millican Travelogue #2, explores her local coastline with Tinsley the Tote Pack, capturing her adventures in this Navigate Your Bag special.

Illustration by Elly Jahnz | Foxcub Studio 

"I've been taking the tote with me quite a lot when I go swimming. It's the perfect size to fit a towel, costume and drink in. There's a small cove near me called Nansidwell which I often swim in - you park up on the side of the road and take a path through the woods to a rocky beach. It's often quiet and it's a great place to go on a lunchtime. I based the illustration around those trips - it's in a three-part narrative, following the figure down through the woods to the beach. Hopefully also showing the several ways of carrying the tote."

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