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Smith the Roll Pack 25L

Earlier this year, Illustrator Imogen Davis set out along the Cornish Coast-to-Coast Trail with Smith the Roll Pack 25L. Her Smith allowed her the freedom to be creative out on the open road, carrying all her essentials for the day comfortably, alongside the materials she needed to capture the changing landscape she passed.

Words & Illustrations by Imogen Davis | @imogen.davis.designs

Before the country went into lockdown I managed to squeeze in that last little adventure with my Smith the Roll Pack, which continues to give me the freedom to create outdoors, an excuse for an escape and a promise for another adventure to come. Along the Bissoe Trail we went, packed with my day trip essentials, ready to explore and seek out new ideas along the Cornish Countryside.

The Bissoe Cycle Trail is an 11mile coast-to-coast route, which links two historic mining harbours, starting from Devoran on the south coast to Portreath on the North. It follows former mineral railway tracks and it’s almost entirely traffic free, allowing me to bring along my four-legged adventure friend, ‘Kinte’ for extra company. The path dips and twists through woodland, heathland and historic mining heartlands, with remains of the Trevithick engine houses that we spotted along the landscape.

I travelled with ease and comfort thanks to Smith the Roll Pack being lightweight, with its every detail having a purpose towards carrying my equipment for the day. My flask sat snug by my side, whilst the outer front pocket organised the smaller essentials that could be easily used whilst on the road.  

The Smith has been carefully put together, with it’s minimalist exterior fooling the eye towards its ability to contain everything a daypack needs. Its crafty design provides an on-going excitement to explore and discover its secret compartments. These include the hidden zips containing unknown pockets, the reflector that’s tucked neatly under the front strap and the internal key ring stored discreetly within the back pocket.

Travel to me is going outside and exploring, whether that be somewhere familiar or new, close to home or afar. For me, finding new tracks closer to home is even more rewarding, as these places can be revisited again with ease. Wherever you decide to stray to, take the time to acknowledge your surroundings and use them as a source of inspiration, to be present or to escape. Now of all times, where we are all having to stay home and travel only from our doorstep, those simple pleasures are important to spot and take in.