Product Review | Navigate Your Bag</br>- Nick the Messenger Bag 13L

Product ReviewNavigate Your Bag
- Nick the Messenger Bag 13L

For our latest Navigate Your Bag feature, illustrator and lecturer Dwayne Bell, took Nick the Messenger 13L for a month, capturing the inner workings of his travel companion between his studio, the mountains and the urban landscape.

Illustration by Dwayne Bell | @dwaynesdoodles

A few of Dwayne's notes on Nick the Messenger Bag 13L:

"This is my Nick the Messenger. It's big enough for most days."

"Steel water bottle fits zip pocket securely (never fallen out)."

"I like the metal buckles. They're classy (and they work)."

"Waterproof. Contents not gotten wet yet - and it's always raining here!"

"Pocket is ideal for small sketchbook. It's always close at hand and safe (also good for bus ticket).

"Yellow lining not only looks ace but helps when trying to find things (jelly beans, biscuits etc) at bottom of bag.

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