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Product ReviewNavigate Your Bag
Fraser the Rucksack 32L

Inspired by one of his favourite paintings 'The traveller contemplating a sea of clouds' by Caspar David Friedrich, artist Antoine Corbineau developed the idea of humans relationship with 'spectacular and overwhelming nature' to create these colourful illustrations, capturing both the spirit and the finer details of our adventure pack, Fraser the Rucksack 32L. 

Illustrations: Antoine Corbineau | @antoine_corbineau

"A traveller may seem insignificant compared to the force of nature. Having a bag to carry was a way to balance this first impression. Recently in Nantes we have a lot of refugees staying in a park near my home, most of them having travelled thousands of kilometres with just one bag. Probably holding little treasures of past lives, photos of family and little objects reminding them of home. This aspect was also in my mind. Bags as treasures or a life box."

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