Product Review | Hiking in Hong Kong -</br>Smith the Roll Pack, 25L

Product Review Hiking in Hong Kong -
Smith the Roll Pack, 25L

Recently a Millican customer, Jacky Lee, got in touch to let us know how his Smith the Roll Pack, 25L, has changed the way he hikes across his homeland - the mountain ranges of Hong Kong.

A travel bag is important to me as when I go hiking as I always like to bring a foldable chair and a mug with me. Then it is all about finding the perfect place with a great view to sit, drink and enjoy special moments with friends.

"Let's go hiking every week!" I tell myself - I try and achieve this every weekend. All the mountains in Hong Kong are on my list and are waiting for me to reach the summit. However, one day my friend suggested we spend an afternoon relaxing in nature together. This inspired me to bring a new element to my hiking, to slow down and take in the experience of the climbs instead of racing to tick them off my list.

Smith the Roll Pack, 25L, is perfect for my new hiking plan. It has adequate volume for my jacket, foldable chair, enamel mug and snacks. I put my thermos bottle with hot tea on the side of the roll pack. My favourite feature is the great back support. 

Shing Mun Reservoir is one of my favourite places to spend my afternoon with friends. Sitting on a large area of land facing the reservoir with a forest behind, chatting and watching the sunset. 

Kuk Po located at the north of Hong Kong was a place I explored last week. Walking along the coastline surrounded by Mangrove forest was beautiful. To find out more about Hong Kong and my adventures there with Smith, keep an eye on my Instagram @jlee.lmk.

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