Product Review | Good For Life - Fraser the Rucksack <br />by Hollie Harmsworth

Product Review Good For Life - Fraser the Rucksack
by Hollie Harmsworth

This July we celebrated our 10th year of creating lifelong companions for conscious travellers. This got us thinking about all the journeys our bags have experienced over this time, mapped out by our global community. We wanted to learn more, so we’ve re-connected with some familiar faces to discover the stories they’ve collected with their bag by their side.

Hollie Harmsworth is a photographer, filmmaker and rambler. As an outdoor enthusiast, Hollie's travel companion must be ready to go whenever and wherever - her Fraser the Rucksack always proves to be the one for the job.

Words by Hollie Harmsworth | Photography by Hollie and John Hayward

Over the years my relationship with the outdoors has transformed into a passion I cannot live without. I’m not really a thrill seeker nor do I live anything remotely close to a nomadic life but not a day passes by where the outdoors doesn’t somehow feature in my life. I’m a weekend wanderer, a short stretch traveller, a slow adventurer.

Fraser the Rucksack has been the perfect companion for me. Whether I’m hiking in the hills and forests of Snowdonia or travelling a little further afield, it’s become an essential piece of my outdoor gear.

It’s a solid daypack, with room for all I need; camera, flask, lunch, extra layers, waterproof and a spare pair of socks for when I inevitably step knee deep in a bog. When it’s loaded up with all the necessities and I throw it on my back, I’m ready for the day.

Fraser has joined me on some of my favourite trips. We’ve been battered by the elements in the Faroe Islands and hiked with grizzlies and moose in the Canadian wilderness. We’ve stood together in awe of nature many times.

Every trip it picks up a new souvenir; a mark or scrape, a new pin or patch. It’s still as strong as its first outing - and getting better with age. There may be thousands of Frasers out there now but there is only one like mine.

During the week on the days when I’m stuck inside at my desk, my Fraser is always close by. Resting in the corner it’s a reassurance for me on tougher days, a symbol of escapism, a reminder of the places we’ve been and the things we’ve experienced. It sits there, more patiently than me, awaiting the next adventure.

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