Product Review | Fraser the Rucksack 32L </br>- A Climber's Companion

Product ReviewFraser the Rucksack 32L
- A Climber's Companion

Being married to an outdoorsman who loves all things mountainous, I should have guessed that at some point I’d be hanging from a rope on a large piece of granite, but I didn’t think I would enjoy it as much as I do! 

Words & Photography: Claire Cassidy 

If you’d have told me two years ago that I would be seriously into climbing up walls, I would have thought you were crazy, but I have well and truly caught the bug. 

Mid-week I go bouldering (climbing short distances without ropes) at an indoor gym, but when the weather is good a group of us will get together for some proper outdoor climbing on rocks with ropes. I’m still a total beginner but it’s so much fun. It’s not just the climbing we enjoy, but the walk down to the crag, the amazing views and of course the epic packed lunches. 

What with ropes, harnesses, climbing shoes, various jumpers and jackets for the constantly changing sun and wind, plus the all important packed lunches, you need a pretty sizeable bag for rock climbing. I took my Fraser on our last climb and it was a perfect size - considerably more space than your average day pack, but not so massive that I felt like I was going backpacking for three months. The support straps were super comfy, and I just love the colour and classic style. It felt really durable and I just know it will stand up well to the dust and dirt that goes hand in hand with rock climbing. There was space in the side pockets to pop a water bottle, and the hip-belt pocket was perfect for my phone. Next time I plan to take the Fraser on an overnight hike! Wish me luck...

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