Product Review | Drawing Inspiration from Smith </br>- Smith the Roll Pack, 25L

Product Review Drawing Inspiration from Smith
- Smith the Roll Pack, 25L

'Life is short and there are so many places to see.' An age old excuse. I already feel like I don’t have enough time to visit the places that I would like to see, so why do we not take the opportunity to seek out adventure when we do have time, no matter how short the trip?

Words & Illustrations by: Ben ve CivCiv - @benvecivciv

Whenever we have time, my wife and I seek an escape to help set our minds at ease from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

Travelling with a great companion is even better of course. I have found my companion. Smith the Roll Pack! Smith the Roll Pack is a great on-the-go backpack for any kind of adventure or weekend escape. I can simply throw my stuff inside, roll it up, and I'm ready to go! 

We love nature and like keeping our trips simple. Long hikes in the woods, climbing hills and enjoying views are our favourite outdoor activities. 

Our last trip was to Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. We spent two days exploring the park and the hiking trails. There were long hiking trails, waterfalls, and several mountains with beautiful scenery. It was early autumn and we were able to observe the changing colours in the park. The weather was great and the park itself was breathtaking.

Smith the Roll Pack was of great help on this trip. It has plenty of space and various compartments. My wife didn’t have to carry a backpack during our entire trip because I was able to stuff everything (our food, drink, jackets, camera, maps, etc.) in my roll pack. No matter how much stuff I put in Smith, he remained sturdy, the solid structure of the roll pack has never failed me and I was able to carry it comfortably during the entire trip.

My favourite thing about Smith is the roll top design. The G-hook allows me to lock and unlock my bag easily. The design of the roll pack also allows me to tuck my jacket between the upper hook and the leather hoop, giving me easy access if ever I need it. This front strap is adjustable so it can be lengthened in order to hold your blanket or camping mat as well. 

There are plenty of small pockets and compartments for different purposes, including a laptop sleeve that you can access from the back panel of the bag. On the other side of the bag, there is a smaller compartment with a carabiner in it. It is perfect for keeping your keys, wallet, passport etc. all together and safe. The larger side pockets are great for holding items like your tumbler, sunglasses, magazines or maps etc.

The main compartment and the front pocket have plenty of space, as well. You can slide your notepad or iPad into the front pocket easily. I like keeping my sketchbook here. Then, whenever we take breaks during our hikes or stop at a café for a cup of coffee, I can easily pull my sketchbook out and doodle. 

Additionally, the weatherproof Bionic Canvas is great as well. I haven’t had any trouble keeping my stuff dry if it has been snowing or raining.

I’ve had my Smith the Roll Pack for only a year and it has become my favourite piece of outdoor essential gear. I know that our travel companion will last for years, and can’t wait for my next trip with it!



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