Photolog | Travel Collective <br>#16

PhotologTravel Collective

The Travel Collective is a celebration of the journeys you have made with our bags - a collection of moments from our community of global travellers.

We love seeing the adventures you have made; from valleys to mountains, through woods and along coastlines. If you would like your image to be featured in our next #travelcollective make sure you tag us @homeofmillican

"We are all human, but ultimately, we are all residents of this great planet – the trillions of grains of sand in front of my eyes were reminder enough of my insignificance in the face of something so much bigger and more powerful than myself. Such a realisation is a unique part of travelling."
- Henri Cooney | @henricooney

"I can't imagine life without travel. Whether it be near or far, go out and
explore what's on offer, I guarantee it will do you the world of good."

- Ellie Adams | eadams_photography