Photolog | Travel Collective <br/>#14

PhotologTravel Collective

The Travel Collective is a celebration of the journeys you have made with our bags - a collection of moments from our community of global travellers.

We love seeing the adventures you have made; from valleys to mountains, through woods and along coastlines. If you would like your image to be featured in our next #travelcollective make sure you tag us @homeofmillican

"Have less stuff, create better experiences. We choose to do what makes us happy, and it feels insanely liberating."
- Roy & Lindy | @dereizigers

"Fraser is a crucial part of my travels, it fits my laptop, camera gear and clothes for any of my trips. For over 2 years it has been my go-to backpack and I don't see that changing anytime soon."

- Robbie Girven | @robbiegirven

"I had the pleasure of using Oli the Zip Pack 25L throughout my Iceland trip.
It became my go-to bag, carrying everything from camera gear to the essential daily snacks."

- Sam Firth |  @samrfirth