Photolog | The Enchantments & Cascades</br>- Washington with Tommy Moore

PhotologThe Enchantments & Cascades
- Washington with Tommy Moore

Tommy Moore is a photographer and creative from the US, who most recently set up camp in Milwaukee. In this photolog, he takes pride in sharing The Enchantments Wilderness and North Cascades National Park, an area he once called home. There's nothing like a local perspective when it comes to exploring a new place, however, there is a vastness to this landscape that suggests there will always be new paths awaiting discovery.

Words & Photography by Tommy Moore | @tommymoorestudio

“The vastness of the Cascades were an unknown to me growing up in the Midwest. It wasn’t until I moved to Washington that I saw first hand their beauty and grace. We made it a priority to split our time between The Enchantments Wilderness and North Cascades National Park (and surrounding National Forest). The Enchantments lived up to their name, introducing me to landscapes I had only dreamed of.”

"The resilience of the pack handled everything we threw at it while hiking highly exposed trails throughout the North Cascades. I couldn’t have asked for a better rucksack to keep my gear safe."

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