Photolog | Millican Travel Collective</br>#07

PhotologMillican Travel Collective

Each month we share a selection of our customers' photos from all over the world. We love to see what adventures our bags are on and what journeys they have made. We want to thank everyone who shares their memories and moments with us. You are our community and you inspire us to grow. Keep adventuring, keep sharing.

If you would like your image to be featured in our next collective make sure you tag us @homeofmillican and use the hashtag #homeofmillican.

"I'm travelling because I want to push myself out of my comfort zone, to push myself to create, to feel alive. When I'm out there I often feel vulnerable, and it makes me appreciate every moment, be present, and it all inspires me to create new things."

Ondrej Sustik | @ondersustik

"To me, travelling is starting the day not knowing where I will end it. A step out of my everyday routine and into the unknown. Whether it’s exploring somewhere new or the same familiar spot, each day has no boundaries, no pattern and no same sunset. This is what I crave for and drives me to want to travel more."

Alice Davies | al_165

"For me travelling is the opportunity to learn about myself and find places and people I really connect with. I have always thought that it's unlikely the place one is best suited to is the place they are born, travelling allows us to discover new places and maybe even find one we want to stay. I also think it's the single most helpful thing for me in trying to keep an open mind in general, the way people think from country to country can differ so much it's impossible for me to not reconsider any and all beliefs I hold."

Ben Heath | @ben_heath

"Travelling broadens my (our) perspective on things and life. It also brings new insights. We love to connect with people and most of all travelling is an opportunity to enjoy nature different than what we're normally exposed too."

Helga Hattuma | @helgahattuma

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