Photolog | Millican Travel Collective</br>#4

Photolog Millican Travel Collective

Each month we share a selection of our customers' photos from all over the world. We love to see what adventures our bags are on and what journeys they have made. We want to thank everyone who shares their memories and moments with us. You are our community and you inspire us to grow. Keep adventuring, keep sharing.

If you would like your image to be featured in our next collective make sure you tag us @homeofmillican and use the hashtag #homeofmillican so we can see you.

"Travelling makes me confront myself while being confronted by things much grander and more enduring. It provides perspective as well as a necessary and essential tonic. It is to be present and on purpose. It is to search, to progress and to overcome."

Stevie McCusker | @stevie__mac

"Travel is more than a chance to grab a couple of cool shots for Instagram. It’s an opportunity to feel overwhelmed by the beauty of this planet and experience its diversity. It’s a chance to tell a new story.'

Nitish Kumar Meena | @nitishq

"For me, travelling is all about getting out of my comfort zone, meeting new people, experiencing new cultures and exploring new landscapes. Travel has shown me how beautiful the world is and how kind and generous its people are, all of my favourite travel memories involve the kindness of complete strangers, either inviting me into their homes or helping me out of tricky situations. I genuinely believe there is no better way to spend your time and money!"

Jake Baggaley | @cakejaggaley

"For me, most recently, travel has been a trip down memory lane. Having moved back to up North from the Midlands, I have had the opportunity to rediscover all the places in the North of England I visited as a child and never really appreciated. Past family holidays took me all over the world but the places, landscapes and experiences I cherish most are much closer to home. Photography has allowed me to go back to familiar places with a different perspective, and reminded me why I had remembered them so fondly."

Calum Lewis | @calumlewis

"Travel for me is the exploration of new cultures and places. It is exploring crazy natural landscapes and then understanding how different communities are surviving within these environments. Most importantly, it is sharing these unforgettable moments with friends and family along the way!"

Kathryn Oldfield | @kathrynoldfield

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