Photolog | Millican Travel Collective</br>#08

Photolog Millican Travel Collective

Each month we share a selection of our customers' photos from all over the world. We love to see what adventures our bags are on and what journeys they have made. We want to thank everyone who shares their memories and moments with us. You are our community and you inspire us to grow. Keep adventuring, keep sharing.

If you would like your image to be featured in our next collective make sure you tag us @homeofmillican and use the hashtag #homeofmillican

"Travel for me is all about getting outdoors, enjoying it no matter the weather and just switching off from the world around me. I love finding new locations to explore and with a camera in hand I struggle to find anything more enjoyable in life. It has taught me let go of the world around me and to think less, especially when it comes to photography. It's all too easy to get overwhelmed trying to capture something. It's all about switching off and enjoying the outdoors for what it is and forgetting about the pressures we put on ourselves."

Matt Holland | @mihollandphoto

"The experiences beyond what is expected. We know what a flight feels like, or a car journey, that is simply getting from A to B, but real travel is about the unexpected events, the chance meetings and the wrong turns that add up to an experience only you will ever witness."

Katherine Heath | @wildgreyskies

"Travel to me is getting away from it all, finding new places, making new memories and saving them through my photography. Taking along with us the bare minimum but having the most fun! The great outdoors is my gym so it also means a way to health and fitness which is a bonus as its cheaper than any gym! In my eyes its the most rewarding thing we can do and be part of."

Hannah Jay | @hannahgoesexploring

"The beginning of a new path involves effort and uncertainty, and to tell you the truth, the thirst for knowledge can become exhausting; as one will never finish truly knowing the world. The challenge is to find amazement in everyday life, as if it were a way of life rather than a circumstantial fact."

Hernán CF. |

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