Photolog | Millican Travel Collective</br>#02

Photolog Millican Travel Collective

Each month we will share a selection of our customers' photos from all around the world. We love to see what adventures our bags are on and what journeys they have made. We want to thank everyone who shares their beautiful imagery with us. You are our community, you inspire us to grow. Keep adventuring, keep sharing.

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"For me, travel is about experiencing something new and different, something that may take me outside of my comfort zone or at least challenge my preconceptions."

Anna Blackwell | @annablackwell

“To me, travel is life. I couldn't imagine spending my time in one place. Travelling has shaped my career, my friendships and relationships; it's a wonderful world that I've always felt the need to explore and couldn't bare to stay stationary. It's about feeling completely and utterly dwarfed by nature and being reassured in the realisation that in the end, none of it really matters other than the life you lived while you were here. It blows my mind how much there is to do and how big the world is - so many smiles to meet, forests to trudge through and flavours to swallow. Travel is about embracing, sharing and crossing borders, more now than maybe ever before.”

Lauren Williams | @theenjoyablerut

"For me, travelling, more than anything, is all about gaining perspectives. I travel so that can explore everything there is to experience. It is like a breath of fresh air and something that I genuinely cannot live without.”

Jonas Jacobsson | @jonas_jacobsson_

“It can be scary, and maybe intimidating, but it's worth pushing yourself out of your comfort zone to experience and learn about different cultures and landscapes. Travel really does broaden the mind and we always arrive home feeling inspired, and usually with tired feet."

Haarkon, India & Magnus | @haarkon_

Thank you again to everyone who continues to share their Millican adventures with us.
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