Photolog | Millican Travel Collective</br>#10

PhotologMillican Travel Collective

Each month we share a collection of moments from our community of global travellers. We love to see what journeys our bags have made and the journeys you have made. Thank you to everyone who shares their adventures with us, big or small, far-off places or just outside your front door. You are our community and you inspire us to grow. Keep adventuring, keep sharing.

If you would like your image to be featured in our next collective make sure you tag us @homeofmillican and use the hashtag #homeofmillican. 

Feature image by Michael Schirnhofer | @intohimoni

"Over the years my relationship with the outdoors has transformed into a passion I cannot live without. I’m not really a thrill seeker nor do I live anything remotely close to a nomadic life but not a day passes by where the outdoors doesn’t somehow feature in my life. I’m a weekend wanderer, a short stretch traveller, a slow adventurer." 
Hollie Harmsworth | @hollieharm

"Our brains were full of questions, stresses, and ideas that we just needed to walk and talk out. We had projects that we needed to brainstorm, a schedule to check over - the good and the bad to mull over."
Somewhere Off Grid | @somewhereoffgrid

"I think travel not only shapes you but it also gives you an instant connection with other people who've experienced similar things. Like-minded people who have similar hopes and aspirations."
Richard Blake | @yallahcoffee