A 'Glocal' Landscape | Part 01: Jim Marsden </br>- At home on the fells

A 'Glocal' Landscape Part 01: Jim Marsden
- At home on the fells

We sent our tribe out on a journey close to their home to test our new camera bags, capturing the moments along the way. We wanted them to show us where they know – photography can take you anywhere. 

adjective | 'glocal' (ɡləʊk(ə)l)

- reflecting or characterised by both local and global considerations.

Words & Photography by Jim Marsden | @jimmarsdenphotography

It's half eleven on Friday morning. Adam and I are sat in the heather, high on Walla Crag looking down on Derwentwater.

The kid in me loves escaping on a school day. When I was 14 I'd run to the hills with Vimto and a bag of midget gems. Now I'm nearer 40 it's a pork pie and tea from a tin cup.

A couple of weeks earlier we'd planned our escape. The stove and cameras were packed the night before and I grabbed them on the way out, heading for Adam. An hour's drive with the sun slowly rising on our right and we arrived in Keswick. With our boots on we headed for the hills; walking and talking, with nowhere else to be but here, and nothing else to think about but tea and pork pie.

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