Photolog | Forget the Plan<br/> - Iceland with Sam Firth

PhotologForget the Plan
- Iceland with Sam Firth

"I have been dreaming about visiting Iceland for years, the dramatic moody landscapes are always on my mind. Finally, the time had come. Camera in hand, I boarded a flight headed for Keflavik Airport, but it didn’t feel real, the excitement hadn’t set in yet. Not until I stepped off the plane onto a small runway surrounded by phenomenal mountains. That is when I realised, finally, I am here."

Sam Firth slips away from the restless city to the wilds of Iceland. He only a few days to spend in the country and plans to 'see it all', but, once there, Sam realises that this tempestuous island does not adhere to a hurried schedule, and slows down to appreciate the moments.

Photography & Words by Sam Firth | @samrfirth

We arrived at Kirkjufel, our first location, and as soon as we got out of the car we instantly realised that we were truly in the wild as a powerful bitter wind pushed us back into the car. We grabbed our gear and fought the elements to get to the base of Kirkjufel. It did not disappoint. After a few hours in awe, we set off again, as we had a lot of driving to do to reach our next destination. It became hard to stay in the car, we were truly spoilt for places to stop and photograph. An attempt to save us time on the drive, we tried to be smart and take a short cut down an icy-gravel single track road, until after an hour, when we came across a sign that said “impassable” so we decided to not test our off-roading skills and turned back to find an alternative route. Its when you make mistakes and when things don’t go to plan, that true adventure happens and when you create amazing memories that you’ll never forget.

Throughout the trip Oli the Zip Pack was the perfect companion. Carrying all my essentials for each day, from camera gear to extra layers and food. Although not traditionally a camera bag it held up well and proved to be incredibly versatile. The tough and weather-resistant material kept me at ease, knowing that whatever the weather my kit would stay dry and protected.

On our final evening, we spent sunset at Solheimasandur Plane Wreck. After the sun went down all the tourists had left and we spent a few hours capturing the stars. The next day was a travel day, and we felt like that location would be the perfect way to end the trip. I mean how could it be better? Sitting on the beach in Iceland, no one around and a sky full of stars above us.

Iceland was a truly incredible trip full of amazing memories and surreal views that I’ll never forget. I hope to return in the not too distant future and explore some more areas that we didn’t have time for on this trip such as the West Fjords.