Photolog | Finland with Hollie Harmsworth: Part 02 </br>- Featuring Smith the Rucksack 25L

Photolog Finland with Hollie Harmsworth: Part 02
- Featuring Smith the Rucksack 25L

To accompany the second instalment of Hollie Harmsworth's Finnish Photolog, which explores the coastal city of Helsinki, we asked her a few questions to delve into what motivates and inspires her photography and film work. 

Location: Helsinki, Finland | Photography: Hollie Harmsworth @hollieharm

Alongside your photography, you make films as part of a partnership called Follow Films. Can you tell us a little more about your unique approach to film-making?

I love listening to people talk passionately about the things they care about, and when I’m making a film that’s always where I begin. When you can understand someone’s passion and share their enthusiasm it is a lot easier to tell their story. I like making films that are driven by the characters in them and I’m always looking for the emotion to make a connection with the audience that hopefully inspires something in them.

What is it about being outdoors that inspires your work?

I think it’s simply the beauty of nature and the natural world and never wanting to take it for granted. There’s also the excitement of adventure, setting off for the day not quite knowing what you will discover and being able to wander freely at your own pace with a clear mind.

What has been your most memorable place to photograph/film?

The Faroe Islands, the whole place just takes your breath away and I mean that almost literally when the weather whips up there. Even though now it is getting a lot more exposure as a travel destination it’s not until you get there and you walk the sketchy trails along cliff edges, clingy on to tufts of grass until there is no more land left and just the crashing North Atlantic 300ft below you, that you fully appreciate how utterly incredible the landscape is. Sitting on the very edge of Kalsoy looking back at the famous lighthouse and cliffs with my legs like jelly is something I will never forget.

Have you ever captured an unexpected moment on camera, a once in a lifetime shot?

I’ve never really captured what you would call a 'once in a lifetime shot' but I am capturing moments now that a few years ago I never thought I would be. One day I just discovered how good being in the outdoors makes you feel and I’ve never looked back. Now life is full of new adventures and experiences most of which I capture down a lens.

What does travel mean for your work?

It’s a chance to experience the unfamiliar, to take a break from routine and find new sources of inspiration.

What does travel mean to you?

Travel for me is about learning and discovering. It’s pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and giving yourself new opportunities. It’s also lots of walking.

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