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Our Tribe Thom Hunt

His love of the natural world has taken Thom Hunt around the globe in pursuit of knowledge and experience. He shares his adventures through several TV shows (3 Hungry Boys and his series for UltraHD channel), aside from the big screen Thom's poured his energy into 7th Rise, an outdoor pursuits centre in Cornwall, where he passes on the knowledge he's gathered. | @iamthomhunt

Location: Cornwall, England

What does nature mean to you?

Nature means everything to me, it has been my source of upbringing, education, enjoyment and career for my whole life. I'd be pretty lost without it. I often wonder what my life may be like if I'd not had the opportunity to experience the outdoors and discover my fascination with the natural world – in fact that's really not a very pleasant thought!

What does your independence mean to you?

Again, in all aspects of my life, I seem to exhibit a fierce sense of independence! When travelling or living abroad I have always decided to go solo, figuring it forces me to meet people or become comfortable with my own company! I have always been self employed or owned a business and both love and appreciate my entrepreneurial streak. When it comes to nature, there is something so primally satisfying in being able to fend for yourself and survive in the wild. I think that is my favourite type of independence.

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